Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Reason to Dislike GMO's

Your health is put at higher risk through GMO's due to lectins. What are lectins?

They are a plants' natural defense mechanism preventing over consumption by pests be they animal or insect. Grains and legumes are the best examples of plants with naturally higher amounts. That is why so many people have digestive issues with those foods and any food prep involving soaking, fermentation, and sprouting help lessen the lectins you consume. Oh, and you raw food folks - guess what? Cooking reduces lectins too.

Now we find out that part of the process used to make GMO plants less desirable by insects are making them less digestible by humans. Companies that modify plant genetics increase the amount of lectins for pest control.

There is an article at Mark Sisson's blog that goes into greater detail if you interested.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Video on Ultra-Marathon Race in Remote Mexico Copper Canyon

This video shows a little bit of the race being organized by one of the main characters in the Born To Run book. The vid gives the viewer a chance to see some of this remote area and see another of the main characters from the book. About 10 minutes....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Throw Away Your Running Shoes Pt 2

Just finished the book Born To Run. As I mentioned in part 1, Mark Sisson's opinion that man was a long-distance walker and short sprinter was in contrast to this book's contrary opinion that man evolved as a marathon runner to run down prey. The evidence from Born To Run's sited sources was weak to me though I will not totally discount the possibility.

The one thing everyone seems to agree with is that running shoes are bad for your feet and legs. I am going to try the the Vibram Five Two shoes soon to see if running in those helps me run with less pain and injury.

Throw Away Your Shoes? Pt 1

A friend gave me the book "Born To Run" by Christopher McDougall yesterday. At the half-way point right now and I can say that it is a fun read. The book has great characters and weaves an interesting story from a equally interesting Beat perspective and is all purportedly a true story.

In the past 3 - 4 years I have become a regular reader of Mark Sisson's blog. He is also known as The Primal Man guy. Mark's research of current science yielded the conclusion that man evolved as a long-distance walker who can run short distances at high speed.

The Born To Run thesis is that man evolved as a long-distance runner to, for example, run down his prey by exhausting it death. Mark's take on the argument was posted on his blog last month.

In Born To Run, the book focuses on the elusive and little known Tarahumara tribe in Northern Mexico. They run in sandals and supposedly have created an idyllic society and lifestyle around long-distance running.

In a way, the argument about who is right regarding human evolution and whether we are long-distance runners by genetics and birthright are moot. The real take-aways for me are: 1) if you have back, feet, ankle, knee, etc problems, try going barefoot and see what happens. 2) Love what you are doing all the time - even the pain and exhaustion during extreme exertion.

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