Monday, July 22, 2013

Religion, Science and Spirit - Korten's Personal Story

Now that SojkasCall readers have taken their own personal journey through discussing the original David Korten article, it might be time to see what the author has to say from a personal perspective. Very enlightening reading for me and shows the depth of understanding many, many people around the world are achieving. It makes me trust that everything is working out just fine.

Check out The Personal Story Behind the Essay, “Religion, Science, and Spirit: A Sacred Story for Our Time”

Religion, Science and Spirit

Could it be that the problems we face have nothing to do with Obama and that he is only the current example of what we see as something wrong? Since whoever is President is the leader and example of our society in the US, I posit that when the system is malfunctioning then the public leader of the system will look like he/she is malfunctioning. It does not matter if it is W, Obama, Newt, Hillary, or whoever. We need to change our view of what is real. That means looking a lot deeper than most of us are willing to look. It is so much easier to blame everything on a scapegoat. Just host another one up on the cross. That will fix everything. Then we can remain arrogant and self-righteous and feel good we did something (just remember to wash your hands). So, vote for whoever is not in power and things will all be better. Right - and I have some "land" in Florida for sale........... This article by David Korten called Religion, Science, and Spirit: A Sacred Story for Our Time is very thought-provoking. Check it out and let me know what you think.