Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anti-american Rhetoric

Come on Harry. This is what we did not like about Bush/Cheney when anyone who disagreed with them was un-American. Now, since you have the pulpit you are going to use the same tactics. Don't do it.

I believe in financial reform and like many aspects of the current bill. The bill or something close needs to pass, but, calling the Pubs Anti-American is not the way forward and not the way to keep yourself a job.

Driving through Nevada last week my wife and I joked that I80 should be called the Harry Reid Highway. They are paving it out in the middle of nowhere and grading the medium and shoulders in areas that get hardly any traffic. We all know Harry got extra money for Nevada because he has the power. What has that got to do with his un-American remark?

I am not sure, but, if doling out money for stupid projects is American than maybe his Anti-American remark makes sense.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Al Fin: Memristor Update and Video

Al Fin: Memristor Update and Video

And Now This

As a Sojkas Call reader pointed out, maybe this was a plot by the Legalize Marijuana initiative org to draw attention to the ridiculousness of the current pot laws in California. A tongue-in-cheek comment, but, it highlights the absurdity of current laws and enforcement.

Tom Stienstra, an outdoor writer for the San Francisco Chronicle was busted at his home for possession of marijuana. Though he, his wife, and her son all hold medical marijuana prescriptions they exceeded the limits previously in place that had recently been struck down by the courts.

The local prosecutor sent the case back to the sheriff department for more investigation and seems reluctant to prosecute. That will probably change as a public uproar about selective enforcement will no doubt be the next media event.

Link to Bay Area news article here...

Tom Stienstra is an excellent writer who has popularized outdoor activities in the far north of California. He is an avid hunter, fisherman, hiker and general outdoorsman. Putting him and his family in jail will not make society a better place or make him a more productive or less damaging member of society.

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