Saturday, April 3, 2010

And Now This

As a Sojkas Call reader pointed out, maybe this was a plot by the Legalize Marijuana initiative org to draw attention to the ridiculousness of the current pot laws in California. A tongue-in-cheek comment, but, it highlights the absurdity of current laws and enforcement.

Tom Stienstra, an outdoor writer for the San Francisco Chronicle was busted at his home for possession of marijuana. Though he, his wife, and her son all hold medical marijuana prescriptions they exceeded the limits previously in place that had recently been struck down by the courts.

The local prosecutor sent the case back to the sheriff department for more investigation and seems reluctant to prosecute. That will probably change as a public uproar about selective enforcement will no doubt be the next media event.

Link to Bay Area news article here...

Tom Stienstra is an excellent writer who has popularized outdoor activities in the far north of California. He is an avid hunter, fisherman, hiker and general outdoorsman. Putting him and his family in jail will not make society a better place or make him a more productive or less damaging member of society.

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Keith said...

What is going on up in your neck of the woods? Tom Stienstra has been my outdoor "journalist" hero for over 25 years. Now they bust the poor guy who has been suffering from prostrate cancer, but are sending it back to the sheriff for further investigation without pressing charges? This can only highlight the double standard in the way the laws are applied. This is an absolute lose-lose for the law enforcement agencies regarding pot laws. Prosecute and highlight the ridiculously high costs to the county governments in trying to enforce these archaic laws. Look the other way and it only emphasized the uselessness of the laws. I am actually hoping they prosecute and make this a big public media show. Great timing for the ballot in November. Seems almost too good to not be somehow planned by the NORML people. -keith