Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another Lone Nut - Really?

The "lone nut" theory is starting to crack on me. The latest lone nut, of course, is Bruce Ivins, the Army microbiologist who allegedly killed himself after the FBI threatened to indict him for the 2001 anthrax attacks that killed five people and injured many others.

Throughout recent history, we have had many lone nuts and Mr. Ivins can now join the list of Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Lynette Fromme, John Hinckley, Jr., and Mark David Chapman. It seems more than a little odd to me that all these assassinations or assassination attempts were carried out by one lone nut case.

In the case against Mr. Ivins, there seems to be a serious lack of evidence showing that he had the capability to weaponize the anthrax. There is fairly solid evidence the anthrax came from the lab where Mr. Ivins worked. Taking the anthrax that he worked with and turning it into the anthrax that was delivered in the mailed envelopes is a complex task that there is no supporting evidence linking to Mr. Ivins.

The facts surrounding his alleged suicide seem a little bizarre and the fact no autopsy was ordered or requested is also odd. Why didn't his lawyers ask for one? Why didn't his family? Why didn't the police or FBI? With the case not completely solved, and the possibility that others might be involved not known, was it not in the interest of the FBI to have an autopsy performed to ensure the drugs found in Mr. Ivins had not been put there by force? Maybe someone else was covering their tracks.

There seems to have been a rush to judgement in this case. Why? With this case open for seven years, what was the rush to close it now? Why was not all possible evidence gathered, such as an autopsy?

The articles below were some of the sources for the information contained in this blog. What do you think?

August 10, 2008 Op-Ed Contributor: Open Questions on a Closed Case By GERRY ANDREWS

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