Monday, August 17, 2009 Cash for Clunkers Cash for Clunkers

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People love sending the sensational Glenn Beck video around and I have already received it twice. That guy is such a drama queen and it behooves me why anyone would listen to anything that twit says.

As the Snopes site says (click link above), Glenn, of course, made people think the gov't was going to take over their computers and then their lives if they went to the "cash for clunkers" website. His story was a total crock, just like he is everyday of his life.

Get a life! Don't watch Glenn Beck. Go for a walk or run or bike ride. Read a book. Do a Sudoku. Pull weeds in your garden. Be constructive. Don't waste your time on stupid TV shows!


B Will Derd said...

OK, I went to youtube and watched the segment Beck did on the CFC website. Where was he wrong? He didn't make it as clear as he should have that you had to be a dealer to need to agree to the conditions for access, but it clearly said exactly what claimed it said. The government did what they always do when caught-- they changed the language quickly and tried to ignore the questions that only a handful bothered to ask. Snopes alternately says 'False', then pretty much confirmed EXACTLY what Beck said. And people like you take that and claim Beck made it up out of whole cloth! Ignore facts, belittle and spew. Repeat as necessary.

Yes, Beck is too much like a tv preacher for me, but he is the only one out there asking questions that should be answered--- especially by the most transparent and accessible Administration in history--- right?

Sojka's Call said...

I would say Beck is a sensationalist and if you want to listen to someone with a brain and that is trying to educate Americans about what is really important, you should listen to Ron Paul. Forget about windbags like Beck - he will just get you all worked up over stuff not really important. He deliberately tried to make everyone think the gov't was going to take over their computers if they used the cash for clunker program even though he knew it only pertained to dealers.

B Will Derd said...

Well, Ron Paul is interesting, but he can also be a bit of a nut as well. I say that as one of his fellow Texan/Libertarian who agrees with much of what he says.

I didn't see where Beck did what you claimed. You'd have to be biased towards such an opinion to have come away with the interpretation that you did--- his point was that our government is becoming incredibly arrogant in it's assumed powers over individuals and businesses. I absolutely agree with that opinion. And yes, Beck is a sensationalist, but he is bringing attention and heat on the lackey media and the phonies in the Administration and the use of sensationalism to make that point brings light on the facts. After all, would you be aware that a government entity presumed to have complete control over a business's computers and files for any reason it wished if one participated in one of its boondoggles had Beck not been engaged in a little sensationalism? Are you really more concerned that he can be over the top than you are that your government is so out of control and intrusive in your life?

It's remarkable that they have openly dedicated a WH staffer and blog to disputing Becks's daily shows and still have no answers. Beck challenges them daily to point out any factual errors. They did catch him when he said that the Vancouver Olympics lost $1 billion dollars. The WH made a big deal out of that error. Actually, it was the Calgary Olympics that lost a billion, but the future Vancouver Olympics are currently 1.4 billion over budget... and the idiots in the WH thought that was a 'gotcha!'?

Your criticisms of Beck as a showman, etc. I can agree with, but he is telling the truth, albeit in an often sensationalist, conspiratorial way----you have to pay attention or risk allowing emotion's to confuse fact. Or risk missing the point. But unfortunately, and frighteningly, he is telling the truth about our government that long ago lost the point, as did we who are supposed to be its master.

Sojka's Call said...

Looks like we are in general agreement pertaining to Beck's methods. Where we disagree are whether the points he brings up are really that important in the general scheme of things gone wrong with our gov't. I agree completely with your statement .....our government that long ago lost the point, as did we who are supposed to be its master.

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