Friday, February 5, 2010

CNN Interview with Sensa Founder Dr. Aubrey de Grey and The Blues Zones author Dan Buettner

Dr. Gupta interviews SENS founder Dr. Aubrey de Grey and The Blues Zones author Dan Buettner. Mr. Buettner researched where centenarians live and looked for behaviors that were common to the long-lived people.

Dr. de Grey is researching how to solve age-related health issues like cancer, heart disease, dementia, diabetes, etc and to arrest and prevent them and ultimately reverse the aging process. His research focuses on the cellular and molecular level. Dr. de Grey speculates that his foundations research has a time horizon of 20 - 30 years before mainstream therapies could be available.

Mr Buettner on the other hand has focused on the lifestyles that can be adopted today to promote longevity.


Neve said...

Thanks for posting ,very intersting and thought provoking discussion

Anonymous said...

I bet it will only be for the rich and famous if they ever do find some amazing cure. Maybe there will be a lottery lol lee from