Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Knead Bread Part II - Results

Here is part II with the results. The dough looked bubbly this morning and was very sticky. After rereading the recipe later I see the 15 minute rest after taking it out of the bowl got skipped. After shaping into a ball I let it rise for 2 hours. Then, baked it as recommended in the recipe with the lid on for 30 minutes except after about 7 minutes with the lid off I started to smell carbon and looked at the bread. It was starting to really brown so I took it out early. My oven always seems to cook things faster so that was not surprising.

Here is the dough after sprinkling with cornmeal and getting ready for its' second rise (the 2 hour one).

Here is the dutch oven I used. Over the years, I have not found much use for this so maybe it has found a calling.

The bread after 30 minutes cooking with the lid on. It looked done to me at this point, but, I wanted to follow the recipe exactly the first time.

Here are a couple pictures after I took the loaf out of the pan. It has a nice hollow sound, decent cracking on the top, and smells great.

But, how does it taste? Let's go cut the loaf. The bread has loads of big air holes. The crust might be slightly overdone, but, lots of people like bread this way. It has the wood fired oven taste to it. The inside is very light, yet moist and chewy. Definitely the best bread I ever made.

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