Tuesday, January 31, 2012

American Gridlock

The following is an article from the John Maudlin website on the current political and economic deadlock in the US specifically, but, that is gripping most of the western world. It is most likely too much for most people to think about since it will take longer than 5 minutes to read and digest.

The comments on Maudlin's website are interesting as well. With a couple exceptions, the comments posted so far about the article display the very gridlock gripping our country that the book attempts to find a way through. Are the entrenched thought patterns most people have so comfortable that trying something new on for just a few minutes becomes painful enough that they must lash out emotionally?

Personally, I found the discussion about inductive and deductive reasoning very interesting. After working 30+ years in manufacturing plants mostly at an engineering and management level, i saw the problems of using data to solve problems. Over and over, in lengthy meetings, people would show the data that supported their predetermined judgements.
Alternative ideas and data were attacked in whatever way proved expedient and the truth was rarely the goal. Even 6 sigma principles were twisted to provide the conclusions already made before any study was undertaken.

Yes, the healthcare piece in the article was short on specifics and did not provide any kind of convincing case for how best to solve this dilemma. On the other hand, did I expect a complex issue such as this to be solved in a few hundred words? No.

I thought the discussion about terminating the dialogue of the deaf the best part. Hopefully this index will be brought to fruition and published regularly so we the voters have a tool to evaluate our representatives and encourage those who really want to solve problems to run for office.

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