Thursday, February 23, 2012

Repeating History

Did you watch the debates last night? If you did maybe you were trying to remember the George Santayana quote "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Ron Paul was one of the four who apparently learned from our Iraq mistake about bad intelligence and urges caution about dealing with Iran. Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich are either stupid or have ulterior motives like keeping the US war machine cranked up. I really would like to have a favorable opinion of Romney but he keeps giving me big reasons to take pause. But, attacking Iran at this point in time does not make me feel safer.

Over at the economic blog Angry Bear we find this little blurb and see a short writeup about the lunacy.  Last night Gingrich openly questioned how smart our Joints Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey is in regards to future military adventures. Only the politicians know. What could the Generals know?

Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul................


Rachel said...

I believe they are idiots appealing to the hysterical and numb, robotic masses.

Nothing will get solved if we are too left or too right. Common ground, in the middle is where our country's peace resides. Our leaders working together for US! They need to take note from the public at large, people helping people everyday by volunteering and giving of themselves...churches included...the work they do as a whole is quite huge.

Furthermore, if our country escalates this Iran - Israel - Russia - China fight, we are all doomed. We should learn from China, pay attention to our society.

However, our way could be practical and beneficial, with class and dignity. America and Americans should truly be the focus, on our inner economic growth and bringing industry back so our fellow American's can get jobs. Maybe if we focus on us, the rest of the world will take note and focus on themselves for the BETTER!

it's exasperating!
ps-osama binladin got what he wanted....america to be taken off track of our original goals. peace prosperity and freedom!

Mark sloan said...

How else do we feed the industrial military complex's insatiable appetite?
The only canidate that made sense everytime he spoke was Ron Paul.

Why do the sheep we call Americans keep drinking the sheep koolaid? Because our five media outlets...that's right...only 5 media outlets shape our opinions to keep our attention off the Federal Reserve, the BIG corporate takeover of business and insanity of borrowing $45. for every $100. we spend.

Sojka's Call said...

@Rachel - agree with your assessment on staying in the middle and community involvement. And, most importantly, that if 911 was truly an Al-qaeda operation, they did win by bankrupting the country with needless wars and erosion of our basic freedoms through Patriot Act idiocy.

@Mark - there was great post over at David Brin's blog about news media consolidation and the ramifications. He showed six major news outlets but the story is the same - too much consolidation in the media.