Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eliminate This Unnamed Word

The word that shall not be named.

I really hate this word so much it pains me to even type it out for this post because it only empowers its' use. This word has become so overused especially in reviews of books. Maybe people think it denotes some kind of intellectual superiority or demonstrates their vocabulary knowledge.

But, as in this post which will take you to the offending word that shall not be named, I am not the only one who wants to scream every time they hear or read this word. And, if you use this word in a comment to the post, it better be really funny or I will delete your comment.

If you are ever tempted to say or write this word, look for something better - there surely is a better way to express yourself than this horrible word. Thank-you for your kind consideration.

And, if anyone knows how to have stupid words eliminated from the dictionary, let me know. I wish there was a word arbiter that someone could appeal to that would review your claim and if valid, strike the stupid word from all dictionaries.

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