Saturday, January 21, 2017

Facts Are Meaningless and Any News I Don't Like Must Be Fake

Screw facts. News that is contrary to what I know is fake.  Thinking is a waste of time when there are pundits to explain it all. Feeling indignant is so righteous. My emotions are more valid than anything. Writing and talking about politics is a waste of time because 90% of people only look for confirmation about what they already know.

A very concise list of current falsities believed by 45 - 50% of the US populace. They will attack this with all their might.

  1. Obama was weak with Russia.  Yet, Ukraine became part of Europe in 2014.  "Ukraine was a reliable Russian satrapy or obedient client state until 2014, when popular uprisings and then free elections ousted Moscow's puppet, Yanukovich, in the worst disaster to Russian hegemonism since the fall of the Berlin Wall."  You need more proof? "Moreover, whom did Vladimir Putin and the Russian press openly blame for this calamity, bringing Europe within a few hundred kilometers of Moscow? Why, those machiavellian chessmaster-manipulators and insidious cold war fighters, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton! Just look at a map and view the last few years as V. Putin sees them. Read his actual (yes, actual) statements on the matter and vows of vengeance. His nibble-backs in Crimea and the Donbas, for which the U.S. rightwing kvells in admiration, are trifles, by comparison. "
  2. Obama was weak with China and the US lets them have the South China Sea.  "...the U.S. Navy patrols the South China Sea with regularity, making clear that a 12-mile radius is all that China has won around each of its stunningly vulnerable, sitting-duck outposts, gained - temporarily - at incredible cost in both money and goodwill."  
  3. The world is more disorderly now than when Obama took office.  "...when Obama entered office, not a single major U.S. Army or Marine unit was rated "fully combat ready" (FCR). Our reserve units had virtually been destroyed and America's reputation was around our ankles. Allies had dropped away from us like peeling skin.

    Today? 100% of major U.S. active duty military units are FCR. The National Guard and reserves - devastated and ruined under Bush - are now repaired
  4. The Affordable Care Act is a disaster.  Yet, all health statistics improved under Obama and Clinton.  All health stats declined or stalled under H.W. and W Bush.  

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