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Best of this, Best of that, Does anyone give a shit? (Best of 2017) (Worst of the Year?)

SojkasCall Best Stuff of 2017

This is the 2017 roundup of best in entertainment, food, travel and whatever I did this year.  this is probably best consumed when stoned or in a weird mood.  If you just watched Jeopardy or the nightly news, then it will not make sense.  So, if you find yourself saying WTF, just tilt your head 5 degrees to the right and it will all make sense.  I promise! I might throw in a worst of this or that somewhere too - some people like that as well and I certainly have a cynical side that should be kept in check.  

Let's start with music videos.  Personally, I found this one of the most disappointing years for music vids in recent memory.  The predominance of interactive make-your-own was not my thing.  I like to be entertained with ideas, music, and visuals that are on the edge and not seen before.  So, the list below was put together after much curation and thought and watching lots of stupid ones.  

Best Videos


This is where theater of the absurd meets the infomercial.  Catchy tune and BIZARRE.  I found it hilarious.  

Best Instrumental

OK, it looks like a Monty Python cartoon on steroids.  I get it.  Great song by Flying Lotus.  Get chill and enjoy and don't think too much.  

Weird Rap

Usually rap is where I have found the most creative videos over the last few years.  This year, mainstream and well known rap artists left me mostly saying, "man, you spent a lot of money on that and watching it once was enough".  You might not want to watch this again.  Stick with it - great ending that only makes sense if you watch the whole thing - SO, NO FAST FORWARDING!!! That's like looking in the closet for your Christmas gifts.  You spoil the surprise.  

Best Animated Video

JAY-Z put out one heck of an album this year.  And, this Best Animated Video of the Year was the icing on that cake.  It is also a very sad song in its way.  Only JAY-Z..........


So much excellent music this year.  Deciding on the best is very difficult.  I looked back to see what got played the most to start with.  My favorite genre is usually pop/r and b and there was many great albums. When you start looking at experimental, rock, rap, and electronic the volume of top quality releases is mind-blowing.  

Best Hook of 2017 

is from the Jimi Tents NY vs. LA. Check this:

Coming to you LIVE (Click the MF'ing link or you will turn into a piece of shit)
From inside my mind!
It's a beautiful day!
I been out here
California dreaming
On the east coast
All my bitches tanned
And all they fathers own a speedboat
Roll round in the sand
Without a worry
You can keep those
Hot box the sedan
Until the Honda smell like weed smoke
Cause we smoking..

Country Album of The Year

I have gone back and forth between Peter Oren's, Anthropocene and Willie Nelson (who is 84 years old!)'s, God's Problem Child.  Willie's lyrics hit home especially with seeing older loved ones on their last leg or transitioning.  

I woke up still not dead again today (video link for this song) 
The internet said I had passed away
But if I die and I wasn't dead to stay
And I woke up still not dead again today
Well, I woke up still not dead again today
The gardener did not find me that way
You can't believe a word that people say
And I woke up still not dead again today
I run up and down the road and makin' music as I go
They say my pace would kill a normal man
But I've never been accused of bein' normal anyway
And I woke up still not dead again today
Peter Oren reminds me a little of Sturgill Simpson. Not that he rocks like Sturgill, but, more in how he seems to be blazing a new path for the genre.  I am not sure where it will go - the ride is fun!  Peter is going to get the coveted Sojkascall Country Album of the Year.  Congratulations Peter.  

Check out Throw Down, one of my favorite songs from the album.  This link takes you to Bandcamp where you can listen.  
While writing this I realized that Chris Stapleton's From a Room Vol 1 and 2 are both growing on me.  Definitely worth a listen if you like a bit of Southern Rock with your Country and Folk.  

Rock Music

Rock Album has to be Slowdive by Slowdive.  This style is called many things like Shoegaze, Dreampop, and Progressive.  The band formed in 1989 so they are seasoned as is said.  Since this is only their fourth album and their first in twenty-two years, the band focuses on quality over quantity.  


So much good e music this year it is crazy.  I liked Laurel Halo's DustCheck out this song Other than the annoying phone/internet sound, it is a cool song.  Strong album.  

DJ Python's Dolce Compania wins the coveted Best Of award because it better epitomizes what I think of as Electronic Music.  Here is Yo Ran from the album.  Very chill music.  

R and B

The r and b label encompasses so many different styles that it is hard to select one from 2017.  These three try to capture the different sub-genre's.  All were excellent and depending on your mood and individual taste could be the favorite on any given day.

Miguel's War and Leisure.  R and B with a lean to hiphop.
Jessie Ware's Glasshouse  R and B with more pop.  
Bosco's b. - R and B avant-garde  

Song of the Year

Kelela's Take Me Apart.  The title song from a very strong album that got heavy rotation on my playlists.  It deserved a much better video.  

Best meal of the Year 

Greens in the San Francisco Marina.  Vegetarian restaurant that makes you forget it is veggie (I am not vegetarian nor close to it).  Excellent drinks and a North African inspired dish.  I waited decades to eat here - why?  I don't know.  Don't wait like I did!

Recipe of the Year

As a tribute to my Dad who passed away this month, I updated his Polish stuffed cabbage recipe.  

Best TV Show of the Year

Without a doubt, Bong Apetit! This show is the future in the present. I had no idea where the marijuana industry and culture had gone.  Just think - this show finished its' second season. So, this is someone's idea from about four years ago when medical marijuana (MDMJ) was taking off in CA. To see where the whole idea of edibles, CBD, THC, THC resin, keef, hash, infused wine, is going combined with food was amazing.  

Worst Experience of the Year

Getting a Titanium plate put in my wrist! Literally, I do set off airport sensors and now have to go through the full body scan every freaking time!  I hate the full body scan - it cannot be doing my cells any favors.  

Most Disturbing Video

This video made many top lists due to its supposed artistic content.  I found it weird, didn't really like the music, overhyped because Arca is friends with Bjork and there is nothing humorous about it. Plus, put some shorts on for God's Sake.

Google Blogger is really starting to suck.  Making this post was very aggravating due to Blogger refusing to highlight links, refusing to standardize text (font sizes and types all mixed up), not showing links unless you hover over them, etc, etc.  Medium has passed Blogger by big time.  One of the reasons I have stopped blogging much is how pissed off I get trying to write these and format them so they look good.  Fucking Blogger and Google.  Google always seems to either get rid of or fuck up something good.  Looks like they are going to get rid of Blogger soon because when it seems something is not getting attention anymore it is on its way out.  That is my prediction..........

Does anyone give a shit? Let me know in the comments section what you liked and hated in 2017.  Also, feedback on the Sojkascall winners is appreciated. 

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