Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Religious Right Republicans Shoot Selves

Probably the religious right Republicans who got Dede Scozzafava to quit the race and installed an accountant with no political experience as the candidate believe it wouldn't have mattered if Ms Scozzafava won or the Democrat, Bill Owens, who prevailed. They believe both were bad, I guess.

In a district where Republicans dominant it is almost certain that Ms Scozzafava would have won if Rush, Palin and Beck had stayed out of the local politics. They put their noses in it and lost the chance to keep a Republican in Congress. The Fox spin on this is funny - they say it was all good.

I still think that someone is going to create a new party or redirect a current party to the path of fiscal and foreign policy conservatism and leave the religious right behind.

Link to news article here.


Sojka's Call said...

From Paul Sojka........

When I heard this on the news this morning they also said something else I thought interesting. There are more independents than there are Republicans or Democrats. They will all shoot themselves in the foot if they are not careful. Information I found on the net

36% Democrat

22% Republican

42% independent

This is the American voter at this time. They better be scared shitless the pubs and dems. The news said the independents controlled this vote and their main goal was no incumbents were to be reelected. Remember vote them all out every term.

Mike Roach said...

I am officially joining the Independent Party. I also go along with the idea of voting against every incumbent. This will give politicians the message that we are not screwing around anymore with the current politics at hand. It's time to replace all this crap of politicians going to bed with the corrupt big businesses. Let's put the citizens of the United States of America back in charge.

Paul Sojka said...

Yea Mike me to!I am oficially an Independant as well now. I will vote for the most qualified person regardless of party. And NEVER an incumbent.