Monday, November 2, 2009

Republicans Shooting Themselves Still or is This Right?

The current brouhaha going on in the New York congressional race to replace John McHugh who was recently appointed as Army Secretary is a rallying point for Pubs on all sides of the argument. The article on CNN by John Feehery sums up the back and forth drama.

The interesting thing for me were the posts by readers. It seems there is a sizable number of Americans who want a conservative government that stays out of religion and abortion but that believes in small government, low taxes, minimal/no foreign intervention - the things I call conservative.

It will be interesting to see if somehow a real conservative party either emerges from inside the Republicans or forms outside. Or, is the far-right religious conservative wing the future of the Republicans and the USA? When we see who wins this race it may start to answer that question.

Post your response on the blog please!


Mike Roach said...

Dividing the party, which needs reform, would keep the Democrats in power for a long time to come it would seem. That is, I guess, unless borderline liberals decide to join the new party. It will be intereting to see what transpires.

Sojka's Call said...

There seems to be enough people in the middle or mainstream of both parties that want fiscal prudence and much less foreign entanglements to support a new or reformed Pub or Dem Conservative Party. The stats show that 40% of Americans see themselves as Conservatives to only 20% Liberal. And, on top of that the majority of Americans want religion out of politics. Looks like a demographic that will eventually be taken advantage of by someone smart.