Thursday, December 3, 2009

Global Warming

There is more information and evidence coming out everyday that the global warming scenario painted by many scientists and public figures may not be true.  The Al Fin web blog has many articles summarizing the recent disclosures.  While doing some more research on my own I came across this graph which portrays the current temperatures as within normal fluctuation for the last 5000 years. 

While I was convinced in the beginning by Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth movie that the earth was in the throes of a man-made global warming disaster, the skeptic in me is coming to the forefront.  When I look at the graph above I see the earth's current temperature well within normal fluctuations of the last 4500 years and thus it is very doubtful that current temperatures or trends are any kind of issue.

With all the problems in the world, and, the small odds that there is even a global warming problem and even smaller odds that it is man-induced, I find it strange that this issue has been raised so high on the priority list of issues to attack by a world political coalition.  Is global warming another artificial issue created to induce hysteria and laws/policies like carbon cap/trade that play into the hands of Goldman Sachs and others who will reap billions and trillions of dollars in profit at the middle-classes expense?


Paul said...

Well we have certainly been through this many times. While I agree with a substantial portion of this being natural I think there is just as much irrefutable evidence which we have shown as well in the past showing mans contributions as well. Even it its 80% natural and 20% man made and those figures are pure speculation why add to it? Just from a pollution standpoint let’s stop it.

When you find PCB’s and other toxic manmade chemicals in the Arctic and Antarctic regions no one can argue intelligently that those are natural. I will give you another stupid analogy. If I am going to go hunt with 10 men and all of them are going to poach should I say screw it and poach as well. No!

Let’s leave science out of it just for a moment and look at it from a morale perspective. What does that tell you, any of you? I am singling no one out here I am just making a broad statement and asking a question basically of the masses. I know what feels right to me.

Global warming should be a moot point. Here is the definitive question! Stop polluting because it’s the right thing to do or it’s ok to pollute because the earth will heat up anyway. Can anyone really defend that?

Green credits, and people making money from Global warming whether defending or prosecuting the idea are for another conversation. That is another issue all together from what I am implying above. That is a capitalistic and greed issue.

Keith said...

High priority because lots of big money is gambling on alternative energy. Follow the money. Besides, how can we sell the American public on nuclear energy if we don't have human caused Global Warming to scare them into accepting higher cost alternatives. You also hear from the same groups that solar and wind and other clean energy are not enough to satisfy our energy needs. Or (conspiracy theory: is there now too many other priorities that we cannot afford. The need to discredit "Global Warming" as something we as humans can address so that we put the money towards universal healthcare, expand the war in Afghanistan, provide jobs for a recovering economy?") You pick your version of the conspiracy or no conspiracy is involved, but we are being led by a bunch of inept leaders who are no more intelligent than the rest of us.

The sad part is this same, newly discovered data has been available through the internet and our own local libraries. They are called Geology text books, books on Weather and Climate, dendrochronology, palynology (pollen study), ice cores, etc. These provide the historic and climate record. It also takes time to do the datamining and understand the oceanic and atmospheric convection and conveyor systems and associated chemical reactions that are taking place to begin to question the commonly written, "scientists agree that global warming is largely caused by human activity" without presenting any science except to show an isolated chart with temperature and CO2 on it that can be interpreted as CO2 level increases leading temperature or can be read as I read it CO2 following the temperature increases. A big difference and even larger implication for natural cycles with regards to solar energy. Largely the impact of methane from the decomposition of vegetation that had been locked up at the higher latitudes for lo these thousands of years since the last ice age and is now being converter to CO2 is virtually ignored, or we blame cows. Perhaps this is to get a double hit score at both Global Warming and anti-carnivores at the same time. Which takes me back to what I believe the "Cause" we should be addressing is, not Global Warming, but ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION. It won't go away even with more data; it is a continuing problem in air on land and sea; and may be an even more immediate threat to our water supplies than the unknowns brought about by Global Warming. The data is irrefutable, is not a popular opinion issue and should help in containing the mythic human activity caused Global Warming. Certainly it does not require the drastic and costly changes in lifestyle required to solve Global Warming. At Seagate we used to talk about the futility of engaging in large scale projects that were so large that they were like solving world hunger or "boiling the ocean". That is what solving Global Warming is like to me. Going against the natural forces of solar energy, the negative feedback loop from methane as we head towards the end of the current interglacial. More difficult than trying to move mountains.

Besides we need to save the money required for ridiculously complex management programs like "cap and trade" so that we can expand the war in Afghanistan.

Paul said...

I completely agree Keith we should be calling it what it really is environmental pollution. Guard against that and our participation or lack of that in global warming will follow de facto.

Keith said...

Paul, Please don't disregard the science. The science is the truth. Thus far it has been faulty science and eventually through good science the truth shall prevail. I am all about the pollution issue. It will not go away with the "Great Human Caused Global Warming Myth of the early 21st century. So I think you are definitely on the right track. You raise exactly the point I have projected. Now that the mythic nature of global warming is being revealed, can we just resume polluting? I am being facetious of course.

Paul said...

No absolutely don’t ignore the science. I just wanted to addresses it from a morale point of view. Not economic or scientific. Those are good considerations and concerns for a conversation though.

Sojka's Call said...

Keith and Paul - no disagreement from me that pollution is an issue and needs to be addressed. I guess the word "pollution" does not sufficiently scare people into action. Is that why we needed something like "climate change" to move people to change behaviors?

Mike R said...

I have been and remain very skeptical about the theory of man made global warming. People (often not trained scientists) put together data and information and present it as fact, too much of it has been spewed around the Internet convincing people that it is a fact. The complexity of the whole span of factors is too great for us to make any suggestions that global warming is affected by us or caused by us. People like Al Gore are too overcome with themselves(egotistical) to have any concept of what they are suggesting.

I say let's get off of the fossil fuel band wagon and let's reduce our CO2 footprint and let's see if the warming trend changes.

Jeannie said...

Hi Mike, Great information and research!!! After reading several books about the ice ages I also agree that this is cyclical. But we should not forget that pollution and carelessness by the human race can encourage other problems to our world!! We still need to be environmentally sensitive by recycycling and not to be wastefull. Complacency is never acceptable. Our forests, water sources and wilderness still need to be treated with respect. Jeannie