Monday, December 7, 2009

Hacked Emails from CRU

This video talks about the so-called fabricated evidence on global warming from the hacked CRU emails.  I think it does a good job of debunking the idea that the scientists were deliberately falsifying data.  It does not attempt the impossible effort to show fully supporting evidence for the whole idea of global warming.

My previous post on global warming
contains a graph I find difficult to ignore and that seems to show the earth is currently in a normal temperature fluctuation. The entire argument on global warming, so far from what I can see, is that there are scientists who believe the rate of temperature increase is abnormal and not the temperatures per se at this time.

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Keith said...

Note today's headlines on Yahoo with reference to EPA Findings that Greenhouse Gases are Harmful to Humans. I think this is the new fall back position since the whole human caused global warming isn't gaining much traction. In fact it seems to be clouded in questionable data. I think there is real solid evidence that all the pollutants are bad for our health. I think they have lost a great deal of time trying to push this through a solution to GW. Afterall California has led the way on anti-pollution for years. All the Feds needed to do was to follow if reluctant to take the lead.

The rate of temperature rise is supported by hard scientific data. It is irrefutable, but remains to be definitively tied to human activity. The real question is why it wouldn't stop at some level when the Gulf Stream finally stops and the resumption of cold temps leading to ice buildup at the higher latitudes. I don't see much in the mainstream media talking about that inevitability. Just the change in salinity to a less saline ocean due to the melting ice will stop that major climate enabler as it cannot sink because it becomes too warm and is not dense enough because of the reduction in salinity. The inablility to sink will prevent it from moving back along the bottom of the North Atlantic back towards the equator to heat up rise again and resume its cyclic conveyor back north again. It is virtually a self correcting mechanism. A bit of oceanographic mechanics, albeit somewhat simplified. Oh yeah and the carbon sequestration process that is largely a function of the tiny shelled foraminifera as well as other larger shell fish also is accelerated by the lower salinity and warmer seas. Again a self correcting process. I don't see much about that in any public media either. All of this from text books and data that is over 40 years old describing global systems processes that is not published in the government controlled media either. It is not that there is false data being published, it is that information that requires some search and at least a rudimentary understanding of some of the natural sciences, or an minimum interest in delving into some of the available info found in all libraries (most people are just to lazy and would like to just take the scientists data that are deemed acceptable to the government's agenda as the total available information). Stay tuned for a completely different approach, more and EPA environmental agenda.

Sojka's Call said...

Keith - I think many people would find the Gulf Stream stopping to be very objectionable for many reasons which are not hard to start listing. Waiting for that event to self-correct global warming seems a cavalier approach to the problem that most educated people would find troubling to say the least. However, I understand your point and there are other self-correcting mechanisms in addition to what you mentioned that the earth seems to have in its bag of tricks that most likely would stop the world from turning into a giant desert. That does not mean humans should just continue on their current course.

I fully agree that pollution is an issue and reducing pollutants that cause acid rain, cancer, asthma, etc will increase our quality of life and should be undertaken. The oceans are many times held up as one of the main victims of global warming yet drag nets cause more damage everyday to the ocean ecosystems yet nothing is really being done to stop that practice. The push for carbon credits and caps is too big and is being pushed for reasons beyond pollution control and to forestall global warming. I can really smell the likes of Goldman Sachs and others in that category along with the nuclear industry behind this almost frenetic push of late.