Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anthropogenic Global Warming

There is another excellent post over at Al Fin on human caused global warming.  The mounting evidence that, we, the gullible public, have been completely duped on this subject has become overwhelming for me.  I have changed my opinion 180 degrees and now believe the evidence for AGW is scant to non-existent.

The interesting thing to me is the rabid reaction of friends who still believe.  It is almost like you are trying to kill their first-born or accusing their mother of a crime.

The emotions of belief in AGW are strong and people treat me different when I now say that the evidence is not there to support this position.  AGW is the new religion and people don't want their God/Savior messed with.


Anonymous said...

Agree, it is like the Civil War. I divides families. And Gore is irresponsible for all of it.

Climategate Forecast...
“What is the current scientific consensus on the conclusions reached by Drs. Mann, Bradley and Hughes? [Referring to the hockey stick propagated in UN IPCC 2001 by Michael Mann and debunked by McIntyre and McKitrick in 2003.]

Ans: Based on the literature we have reviewed, there is no overarching consensus on MBH98/99. As analyzed in our social network, there is a tightly knit group of individuals who passionately believe in their thesis. However, our perception is that this group has a self-reinforcing feedback mechanism and, moreover, the work has been sufficiently politicized that they can hardly reassess their public positions without losing credibility.”

AD HOC COMMITTEE REPORT ON THE ‘HOCKEY STICK’ GLOBAL CLIMATE RECONSTRUCTION, also known as The Wegman report was authored by Edward J. Wegman, George Mason University, David W. Scott, Rice University, and Yasmin H. Said, The Johns Hopkins University with the contributions of John T. Rigsby, III, Naval Surface Warfare Center, and Denise M. Reeves, MITRE Corporation.

Keith said...

That is old news. The new news is Obama Pushes Nuclear Energy to gain Support for the Climate Bill. So what I have been saying regarding Gore (key TVA lobbyist. TVA being 30% vested in nuclear energy) and the rest of the AGWs, or as I refer to them as the Warmists, is coming to fruition. Now that they have placed their bets and money on nuclear energy, inspite of the lack of a plan for waste disposal, they are now ready to ask the tax payer to finance their enterprises. They will reap the profits while we pay for the construction, and the costs of waste disposal and even the energy itself, all in the name of AGW. See all you need to do is create a crisis and you can get government money to foot the bill and you can reap the profits. I hope people can connect the dots and realize what is being pulled on them.

Sojka's Call said...

This is what I posted on the Al Fin site.... I agree completely that there is scant evidence to support AGW. From some of the research I did on the origins of promoting AGW the Maggie Thatcher early support of the theory came up in more than a few seemingly factual summaries of the issue. Apparently, she wanted to use AGW to support the nuclear industry. On my blog and in personal em's with friends we have discussed the link of Al Gore to the nuclear industry. Now, Obama is tepidly promoting the nuclear industry. I have no problems with deployment of nuclear reactors in low probability of seismic activity areas. But, there is a certain irony to the whole discussion if indeed it was initially promoted by Maggie to promote nuclear. The motives beyond cap/trade which, to me, seem so linked to organized crime and Goldman S as to almost make them look naked, are still unclear. Is it really as simple as cap/trade and nuclear? Or, is there something else? Surely, the politicians in positions of power don't really believe this smelly pile of horse s*%t