Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Day Terrorist Attack and Rogue US Intel Group

Is it possible that the terrorist who tried to blow up the Amsterdam to Detroit flight was deliberately allowed to board with his explosives?  This article and a Richard Wolf MSNBC report seem to lend credence to such a scenario.

Three possible explanations were floated:  First, a turf war inside the intelligence community.  The second explanation was that the attack meant to embarrass Obama and his administration.   The third explanation of the plot was a rogue network inside the US government desired to unleash a new wave of Islamophobic hysteria to rehabilitate the discredited "global war on terror.

Entire article can be read here.


Keith said...

Good article. It would seem clear that if true the event, as with previous strange events of this type are meant to mold or fit any administration to the policy and desired direction of those who run this country from behind the scenes regardless of which party is in power.. Conspiracy theory? Yes, but it appears more and more that manipulation of opinion is a reality. You have Cheney ranting against Obama followed by an event like this confirming the points he just made. Definitely there are forces at work undermining the current administration. So much for democracy.

Keith said...

After further consideration, as much as I would like to believe there is some sort of Republican or intelligence subtrifuge going on I must conclude that it is more likely ineptitude at work. The first clue is Napolitano's initial statements that "the system worked", a gross mistatement on her part. Secondly inorder for a conspiracy to take place there would have to be too many people involved to keep that type of activity under wraps. Rather than a conspiracy, I believe the opposition is merely using this event to capitalize to the max on embarrassing the Obama administration and rally the Islamophobia already extant in todays political climate. Unless Richard Wolf can locate a whistle blower to come forward, his theory will not go any further than this opinion piece. I think he should save his ammunition and develop a more convincing story with solid evidence to back up his claims. He has been a credible reporter in what I have seen of him in the past and it would be a shame if he lost that credibility and became a Geraldo Rivera. It is however good to examine any event that is so outrageous that it may be the activity of agent provocateurs. With Cheney anything is possible.

Sojka's Call said...

From the way I read it he believed it could be the work of a few rogue agents who threw a monkey wrench in the system and caused it to fail. That is certainly possible but the evidence is all circumstantial at this point. I agree that specific names and places will need to be put forth. Napolitano would not blow the whistle on a rogue agent(s) even if it was true. That just never happens and will not start in an Obama administration either. Rogue agents are dealt with outside the public eye. Think about it - do you know of any official acknowledgment ever of any rogue agent misconduct? The only time that ever happens is when Congress investigates like Iran-Contra. An administration or the agency in question will never openly vet a charge like this.