Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Political Nexus

Let me start out saying I am not sure this blog title is a correct label for the discussion.  The readers of this blog have had many off-blog discussion threads lately about a cross-section of hot topics e.g. AGW, health care, social security, US deficit, Tea Party, etc. 

Those discussions have taken the typical left-right, point-counterpoint, data vs emotion form of argument most of the time.  Very seldom is anyone's mind actually changed by the discussions in spite of each persons conviction in their "rightness" and no matter what manner of convincing argument or data set they present.

In a previous post Sojka's Call: Democracy vs States Rights we discussed Spiral Dynamics and its relation to the current discussion.  A video of Wilbur was recently posted on a subject called Divine Pride.  Check the link to read the introduction and watch.  While I am having a little problem with his use of the term pride, I believe the concept he discusses is valid.

Where am I going with this?  Previous discussions usually just get all of us to state our own point usually in more and more emphatic ways.  We get more data or get more mad and use more capital letters and more bold letters and if we are actually talking start to raise our voice and take the Bill O'Reilly shout-them-down method maybe. 

Wilbur is proposing something different.  I am proposing something different. 

One of Sojkascall loyal readers always talks of a middle approach as the right way.  In a sense he is right but not exactly.  The real path is a holistic path.  We need to find the mind-set to look at the whole. 

What do you think?  Are we ready for this?  Please post your comment.

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