Sunday, October 3, 2010

Radical Change

In some personal discussion threads about the Tea Party and US government corruption and the current military entanglements we find ourselves in my personal philosophy of the proper role of government has been severely questioned by my friends and myself. In thinking about this problem and reading up on history of our founding fathers and their intent as codified in the Constitution, various economic theories, and using must plain common sense many things are starting to become clear.

My whole philosophy of what gov't should/shouldn't be is evolving radically right now. I have realized that as long as massive money and resources are concentrated for use by an entity (US Gov't in this case) it will be misused.

1. Our military is being misused.
2. Our treasury is being misused.

If they are radically smaller than they are today the level of possible misuse is reduced the same. What does that mean?

- a radically smaller military that is not capable of foreign intervention. If it is capable of being used that way it is certain that sooner of later it will be misused for that purpose.

- a treasury with vastly reduced tax receipts and a gov't with vastly reduced responsibilities. Again, if there is much less money there to start with, there is much less to be misused, stolen, etc.

What would be the outcomes?

- Federal Government assistance programs would be eliminated and become the responsibility of state and local governments to the extent they want/need to provide them.
- Our armed forces would be reduced to about 20% of the size they are today. The military would patrol our own waters, air space, and land. We would eliminate all foreign bases and all foreign aid.

I believe that once people realized they were responsible for themselves they would take on a completely different approach to life. They would embrace life for all it was worth much more seriously than today because in a real sense their life and their loved ones' lives depended on it. That would mean much more personal responsibility and much more personal liberty.

In my mind, any other approach to fixing the corruption in our gov't is doomed to failure. As long as power (through money and military) is concentrated in one area (Wash DC) it will be misused. I believe it has always been corrupt and the amount of corruption is equal to the size of the entity. Since the US gov't is now the biggest it has ever been in history we are seeing the largest amount of corruption ever.

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