Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Internet and Marketing

This presentation by David Gillespie is brilliant.....

I love a couple quotes.... "Data is the bank. Meaning is the currency. Intent drives data + meaning."

It took me a few times through to understand what he is saying. Lots of great info on people I should read up on more like Clay Shirky, Faris Yakob, and Marshall Mcluan (read him 30 years ago - don't think I understood most of it then).

Would enjoy if you post your comments.



Mr. Roach, Jr. said...

That really is a strong message. It's not about CONTENT, it's about INTENT. I've been pushing that thought to my clients for years. Intent will capture attention, while content is everywhere and diluted. Can you reach the right audience w/a message that is intended for yourself? That's captivating....that's One for All!

Thanks for bringing this gem to my attention.


Sojka's Call said...

"Consumption and conversation are now hand-in-hand" was another statement that caught my eye and dovetails with what you are saying.

How do we support people expressing themselves with our product? That is the question I am going to try to ask myself when developing a product or service.

An example of something that is seemingly beyond this concept but illustrates this perfectly is alternative power. A friend of mine told me about how she and her husband had installed solar, a wood-burning water boiler, and bought an electric car not because it economically made sense - but, because it defined who they were and made them feel good about how they lived. The consumption of those products and their conversation about it were one.