Saturday, October 5, 2013

How the shut-down will likely end

The latest from Brin and surprise - he is quoting a Fox News article and not to bash it! These are strange times. From Fox....  
"'Compromise,' to these demagogues, is to mandate that Democrats scrap President Obama’s signature domestic legislative accomplishment, which was passed by Congress, signed into law by the president, upheld by the Supreme Court and ratified by voters who returned its architect to the White House last November."

"Senate Democrats, of course, had been begging for a budget compromise for months – ever since the Senate passed its budget last spring. But Republicans rejected this attempt at compromise 18 times, refusing to allow the Senate and House of Representatives to go to a budget conference to hammer out a deal that would have put an end to this cycle of continuing resolutions," writes Julie Roginsky.
If you watch the news the last couple days and listen to the Pubs complain about the unwillingness of the Senate to have a budget conference, and have not really followed the story before, you could be forgiven for thinking the Pubs are the only ones wanting to compromise. In the end though, the Tea Party and those who have signed the Norquist Pledge have one thing on their mind and that is "....the government. I just want to shrink it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub."

Anything else said contrary to that is political maneuvering. They are not kidding when they say their goal is to get rid of the government completely by drowning it. If you want to return to feudal times with warlords, princes, kings and such and have your AK-47 ready to defend yourself 24/7, then these are your folks. Am I exaggerating for effect with that statement? Make up your own mind. Listen carefully to what these people are saying. They are extremely emotional, not willing to listen to reason or science, and believe their righteousness justifies any means - that is a dangerous mindset to me.

I hope Brin's predictions on breaking the stalemate come through. We need Congress making changes that fix problems instead of just sitting on their hands like little kids taking their ball and going home. And, all this total BS about the shutdown saving money. In the last shutdowns, Congress voted to provide back pay for all federal workers so the shutdown turned into extra vacation time for federal workers. Tell me how that is a good thing except if you are a federal employee. So all Federal workers, have a nice paid vacation thanks to the Tea Party and radical Pubs! In the meantime, we taxpayers get less work out of the people paid to run the system for us.

CONTRARY BRIN: How the shut-down will likely end: Before I get to my forecast of how the Great Big US Government Shut-Down of 2013 will end... let's start with this surprising commentary...

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