Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Real Story About The Washington DC Shutdown

This is incendiary talk from David Brin:
Despite all the pundit-ravings about a "civil war within the GOP," The 21st Century Republican Party remains (for now at least) the most tightly disciplined political force we have seen in American political life since the "solid south" of the old Dixiecrats, seventy years ago. Pundits tell us that discipline and the Hastert Rule are maintained by fear of Tea Party insurrections in next spring's GOP primary. Don't you believe the pundits. In fact, nothing happens in the Tea Party without say-so from Fox News. Fox is co-owned by Rupert Murdoch and several Saudi princes who have made their agenda clear. The government of the United States of America, which has functioned -- overall -- far better than anything else the world ever saw , helping to lead a consortium of other free nations and peoples to transform civilization for the better... that government and even the concept of "government" must be undermined, discredited and ultimately destroyed. It is the core, consistent narrative and one that a third of U.S. citizens now swallow as eagerly as babes do mother's milk. And hence, amid this re-ignited civil war, it is only proper to evoke Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, one more time. Recite it to your neighbors enthralled by the Murdochians. Watch them wince. So. Do not let the appearance of internal GOP strife fool you. All -- (or nearly all, so long as the Hastert Rule applies) -- is choreographed. Were these sane days, it would take just twenty House GOP members to break off and form a Grownup Conservative Caucus -- taking their chances with the inevitable Tea Party vengeance in their district primaries, next spring -- in order to negotiate with moderate democrats, as used to happen all the time, back in the 20th Century. They would do this for the sake of the nation, out of courage and love of country… and love for a version of conservatism that Barry Goldwater might recognize. (A deal to make entitlements more efficient, in exchange of elimination of some fat-cat tax breaks, has been on the table for two years. Those twenty are all it would take.) Alas, Rupert Murdoch and his partners have made clear their agenda to destroy Goldwater Conservatism in America… and thereupon all meaningful discourse.
For those not familiar with the Hastert Rule read this op-ed piece from CNN that explains it very clearly.  Read Brin's entire 10.1.2013 blog as he is on fire today and not taking any prisoners. Watch the linked video clips to get the full perspective.

Brin has done a masterful job of pulling together many stories that are in the news today. I have been trying to get more information on how and why the Saudis tried so hard to pull the US into conflict in Syria and have been largely unsuccessful. Brin provided a missing piece of the puzzle regarding Fox, The Tea Party, and the current promotion of taking the government apart with the Saudi ownership at Fox info. Maybe some other day I will figure out a little more about how Saudi Arabia influences US foreign policy decisions.

This has been a very interesting day that out of the ashes of my negativity regarding the government shutdown has come a wealth of understanding about how things really work. Read and watch all this a couple times if you are not familiar with the perspective. Cross-check the info and make up your own mind. Stop listening to the pundits and listen to your own analysis and see if you can push away any fear creeping in long enough to make your own decision.

On the positive side is the info Brin provided from his friend and one of the  investment advisers I follow and had read his writeup last week regarding an American economy emerging into a new upswing. Maudlin is not the only one saying this. Look at the data on that too. You might hate fracking and the ecological damage it has wrought in certain areas. There is no denying it is helping our economy.

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