Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is Drifting Bad?

While looking for something else on a website, I came across this video and thought  it might make a good analogy for what is going in Washington DC yesterday and today. Being "adrift" seemingly was a bad state of affairs in my mind.

After watching the video I realized that being adrift can be a good thing. This took me back to the time in the late 70's when my wife and I first moved to the Bay Area and we saw islands floating in the sky when riding along Skyline Blvd and looking back over the foothills towards the ocean around the Page Mill intersection. It was one of the things that made that time in my life so magical.

Adrift can be a peaceful place and full of joy. Let's enjoy adrift and let the fools continue on their time and not ours.

Adrift from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

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